Served To You


Good Morning!

I hope you’re all well. Yes, I’ve started a new blog. My last, platinumlatte (as much as I loved it), was so all over the place – a lil like me. I haven’t been doing to good.. I know anxiety never really leaves you but I lost control of it just when I thought I had it where I wanted it and it all came back like a hole in the head, leaving me back at square one. I found myself questioning everything I was doing, losing a lot of sleep overthinking everything the day gave me and worrying what the next day would bring. Paranoid beyond belief.. I thought everyone hated me, hates a VERY strong word and to think you’re hated is an awful feeling – I’m well aware I’m not but emotionally the feeling is terrifying. The paranoia was the worst.. I found myself opening my little shell and climbing back in hoping people wouldn’t notice. I was apologising for annoying people even though they assured me time after time I wasn’t annoying them. Apologising for everything, so much sorry lost all meaning in my head. I stopped socialising and IF I did my head was everywhere thinking people were judging me. It hasn’t been nice to feel all this again just when I thought I had it all under control – so before it got worse I decided it was time to nip this damn thing in the bud and work my way back up to being me. A new blog, a new journey and the real me.

On The Rocks

I’ve named my new blog, On The Rocks. Reason being – I’m a whisky gal and we drink our whiskey .. On The Rocks (with ice). Did you know.. one of my biggest fears was ice!? I couldn’t even look at ice never mind open the freezer, eat an ice cream or having it with a drink! Since drinking whiskey.. I overcome that fear. – Whiskey makes me feel safe, happy & confident.

On The Rocks also means.. with difficulty & breaking down which I’ve experienced a lot in my life. So here’s to the journey of being yourself & doing it confidently…

…This is where it all begins. My first step to being true to myself was doing something I’ve wanted to do for years, yet too afraid to do, caring so much what others think. Telling myself not to do the things I want because of what others may say. I dyed my hair silver!!! And you know what?! I feel great! I didn’t even hold back, I just picked up the dye (shwarzkopf – metallic silver) – went home & did it!

So this Newness will be me finally being me. A lifestyle blog which is also going to help me on this mission!

Hope you’re all having a great day! Looking forward to reading some of your material with a coffee!

Jules x



11 thoughts on “Served To You

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    Can relate. I used to drink my whisky bruised. That means 1 maybe 2 cubes of ice.
    Have been meditating regularly for 2 years now and been revolutionary for depression and anxiety. Fixed a sleep pattern that had been terrible since before puberty and was only fixed for a few years at 14 by regular drinking. As a medicine I still reckon booze is better than what drug companies can make legally or illegally. Lol
    The last year or two I have also made myself very uninteresting to dickheads who never give anything back.
    Good luck with this blog. My cat seems to be giving you the official Bastet seal of approval right now… don’t ask her to sign off on that statement though.

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    1. it's says:

      Hi! I didn’t know that was the term, I’ve gotta try it!
      I’ve also tried meditation but I find it only works for a moment, I’m restless
      All the time so focusing for a while is hard but I guess with practice it’ll work its way however I can’t find anything to help my sleep pattern.
      I swear whiskey does the trick.
      Thanks so much for reading, it means a lot. I love cats so That approval is much appreciated!


      1. Coyote from Orion says:

        Just keep breathing. It’s pretty much the only rule to life. I do empathize with a lot of what goes around these issues though. Thanks for saying something. Look after yourself and be kind to yourself. God only knows what I went through. The cat doesn’t care. It is nearly 7am and she just gets fed. Never missed breakfast in 14 years. Best therapy of all. She wouldn’t tolerate shit house performance anyway. Even if the meal has never changed. She fronts up…. the 2nd most important thing in life x

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      2. it's says:

        Thank you, it’s so easy to bottle up and I just didn’t realise how much I block out and push back until it all catches up. Thank you for your kind words and advice. I really appreciate it. Your cat sounds brilliant! True feline! x


      3. Coyote from Orion says:

        Ebbs and flows. Today a bit tougher at my end. Could be a lot worse. A bit directionless though. Watching Batman Begins now. Cheyenne is nestled into my hip. Weird world sometimes. I do not know why some people bother when they don’t give a stuff about doing things well.

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      4. Coyote from Orion says:

        Cheers. Ok enough I guess. Pretty worn out but that is normal. To be where I am after the last 25 years is a story. For years I got little to no help. Worst was from those claiming to help in some instances. Took a lot of endurance. Have long been a fan of Rose McGowan and been praying for Corey Feldman and Haim for a long long time.


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