That Toucan Tush


I have recently been introduced to Knicker Locker and the awesome lingerie they stock. I love awesome underwear.. underwear that makes you feel good when you wear them..and I was chuffed to bits when I received these awesome, Waxx, diamond toucan shorts.

Perfect Packaging

I love it when companies put time and effort into your parcels… it’s like receiving a gift!

Thank you for the love hearts sweeties too!

My favourite colours, in probably the most comfortable, badass, underwear I’ve ever worn. A total perfect fit.

Toucan Tush <-

The detail is just insane – an awesome, unique print and they’re currently only £10! They’re so unique – they’re the type of pants I’d class as “Lucky Pants”.. watch this space. Link is just above for this design or check out more cool designs and brands they work with!

Thanks again to Knicker Locker for introducing me to awesome underwear. 💋

The above face is the face of a gal who ; finished work at 3:30pm.. made a coffee, whipped Spotify on and started writing up this blog like she has her shit together… slowly but surely she is getting her shit. Together.

Have a great evening.

Jules x 🖤



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